What all Hollywood's Stars are doing to enhance their careers and what you should be doing also to enhance your acting career

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Today it seems like you have to compete harder than ever to become famous or get any kind of viral activity happening with your content. Luckily while everyone is focused on making 15 seconds of fame type content on Instagram.com, Facebook.com or other platforms it leaves the more room for the serious people who are trying to not just have their 15 seconds of fame, but a stable career acting or modeling.

People serious about their acting careers should be applying to casting calls DAILY, which would help you book auditions WEEKLY and you should have your first goal set to be on taking one movie role, on tv role, a commercial role or some kind of acting role a month.

Hollywood's finest are auditioning and doing casting calls on the daily! Celebrities are always taking on as many acting or modeling opportunities that they can, and YOU SHOULD BE TO! How many times have you heard about actors / actresses working simultaneously on a tv show and movie or two movies at a time?

This is actually easier to do than hoping one of your unique videos goes viral, and if you happen to release a viral video you would be able to attain more influential roles quicker than you ordinarily would.

The next question is, "How do I find casting calls to apply to daily?"

There are actually a good amount of casting call directories you can choose from, of the casting directories that give access to different celebrity gigs FindCelebrityGigs.com and FindAuditions.io is one of the only directories that list auditions and casting calls with the casting directors contact details. Using FindCelebrityGigs.com and FindAuditions.io is also your most feasible option and you would save a lot of money compared to trying to gain celebrity status by creating viral content. You only have to spend $25 a month to access casting calls and submission guideline details, that is cheaper than doing any kind of marketing to promote yourself or even cheaper than just one day of running Facebook.com ads! Access to unlimited casting calls daily is definitely worth $25 a month to anyone serious about acting or modeling.

You can become a member of FindCelebrityGigs.com and FindAuditions.io and start booking auditions as soon as you start submitting yourself to casting directors for their casting calls!

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