Want to take on more acting roles or modeling shoots? Any real actor / actress or model without celebrity status or influencing power should and here is how.

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The fact is, anyone can gain fame or a celebrity status today for just about anything. Today, more times than usual it seems like the most ridiculous content that you would think everyone would ordinarily say "aint't nobody got time fo all that" is paid the most attention. Viral content and quick fame is the American dream! Now how do you get a slice of that pie?

While we aren't going to go over how to create viral content, developing a celebrity status or fame / influence amongst your niche if not everyone is what will be covered.

Let's get back to the basics, a celebrity status or fame was traditionally built by making appearances in highly viewed media clips such as movies and tv scenes. Now your television set and movie theatre isn't the only place media clips are being played nor is it the only way to grab people's attention to gain a following. Socialites are celebrities who have gained a status just by partying with famous people and being in "the scene".

The most traditional way to gain celebrity status or fame is by being in movies, tv shows, commercials and media of the sort. Today, you can access casting call information for movies, tv shows and the such without going through an agency or even a talent agent.

FindAuditions.io, FindCelebrityGigs.com and other casting call directories allow people to find out and apply for open movie roles. You can sign up for access to their directory for as little as $25 a month and access new casting calls daily. You are able to get details on available roles and how the casting directors want you to submit for the roles. At FindAuditions.io and FindCelebrityGigs.com you can literally apply to new casting calls daily and book auditions yourself without an agency or talent agent. Depending on the roles you audition for and get will your influence be most impressionable. One sure thing is, if you start taking on movie roles, tv roles and commercial roles, there's no way you won't build your celebrity status and gain fame amongst your media's audience.

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